Well Status and Types

When you run most Basic Element (i.e., Production, Permits, Completions, etc.) Searches in Drillininginfo, you have the option to include Well Type and Well Status in your search results. To include these values, scroll to the bottom of the Search Criteria page for the data set you are searching and click the checkboxes next to "Well Type" and "Well Status." Then, go to the Table View after the search is complete. There, you will see two columns listing the appropriate information for each well.

For the most part, Well Status is taken directly from individual state regulatory agencies. It typically indicates the condition of the well. It may also contain information about the current and previous mineral produced. Each state has its own set of statuses, such as Plugged Oil Well, Temporarily Abandoned, etc.

Well Types are codes indicating what the well produces; whether Oil, Gas, or Storage. Drillinginfo uses a unified set of type codes and places each state's data into the appropriate type.

Drillinginfo assigns a map symbol based on Well Status and Type. All symbols and how they are assigned for each state are listed below. See the Map Legend for more information.

Well Type Codes

AP Active Permit
B Oil and Gas
CO Carbon Dioxide
DH Dry Hole
G Gas
M Coal Bed Methane
PA Plugged and Abandoned
SC Source/Service Well
U Unknown
X Expired/Never Drilled
C Condensate
D Disposal
E Enhanced Recovery
I Injector
O Oil
S Storage
T Stratigraphic/Core Test
V Monitor/Observation
TA Temp Abandoned
HE Helium Well
DM Domestic Well
SI Shut in
SF Sulfur
OT Other
GT Geothermal Well
W Water
ST Salt
SR Subsequent Report of Abandonment
PO Permitted Oil
WS Water Shut In
MW Monitoring Well
SP Well Spudded
PD Permitted Disposal
PI Permitted Injection
PC Permitted Carbon Dioxide
PB Permitted Oil and Gas
PW Permitted Water Supply
PG Permitted Gas
PT Permitted Other
PV Permitted Monitor
PS Permitted Sulfur
PM Permitted Coal Bed Methane
05 Unknown
SD Salt Water Disposal
NR Not Reported
SV Service
JA Junked and Abandoned